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Our Products

 • Phase transfer catalyst
 • Quaternary phosphonium
 • Water & waste water treatment
 • Oil field chemicals
 • Chemicals for engineering and     automotive industries
 • Industrial Biocides

Our Strength

Because of our strong R&D / Technical Background, we have also started work on contract R&D and manufacturing organic chemicals and pharma intermediates under GMP Control. We also have hands-on-experience in special applications of ion-exchange resin technology as well as RO & ED technology, right from lab scale to commercial scale.
About Us DEMI Specialty Chemicals...
I. Custom Synthesis:

Our business started with developing technology and manufacturing high-quality quaternary ammonium / phosphonium hydroxides for global market place, focusing on zeolite, pharma and epoxy coatings industries.

With our vast experience in synthetic organic chemistry and international regulatory fields, we have recently developed and diversified into preparing specialty organic chemicals/fine chemicals/active pharmaceuticals intermediates etc.

Our capabilities include milligram lab-scale to kilo lab-scale syntheses of specialty organic chemicals / fine chemicals including key drug intermediates.

We have lab-scale reaction capabilities for handling reactions such as hydrogenations, halogenations, organo-metallic reactions, cross-coupling reactions, Wittig reaction, hydrolysis, esterification, oxidation, reduction etc. Besides this, we also have production facility for producing Kg to tons of phase transfer catalysts and quaternary ammonium hydroxides (details are given below).

We also have expertise at ion-exchange resin technology (special applications such as drug recovery from process streams, purification of drugs, specialty chemicals such as glycol, sugar, gelatine, and glucose purification), reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration and electro-dialysis from lab to commercial scale.

With our educational background and experience in synthetic organic chemistry, we are quite capable of taking up complex projects for our clients from the pharmaceutical sector which requires concentration, flexibility, innovation and sometimes also creativity. Our extensive experience as a synthetic organic chemist helps us finding optimum solutions for new tasks as well.

We assist clients until the agreed objectives are met, keeping smooth communications with them and responding to their instructions and requests.

We make our chemical and technical know-how available to you for custom synthesis tasks and innovative research. This will enable you to concentrate on your core business and even save you expenditure for additional infrastructure and personnel.

II. Quaternary ammonium hydroxides and specialty salts:

Many base-promoted organic reactions use metal hydroxides such as NaOH/KOH. However the finished products’ specs may not match the desired metal levels as these metal impurities may get carried into them. Solubility of these salts in solvents other than water and low MW alcohols is quite poor.

Other strong bases such as LDA, K-t-BuO, BuLi can be synthesized in situ. But they also pose problems e.g. LDA requires additional co-solvents such 1,2-dimethoxyethane while K-t-BuO requires high MW metal alkoxides and may also contaminate the product by leaving the non-volatile matter that is difficult to remove.

So the quaternary ammonium hydroxides (QAHs) are quite a good choice for many base-promoted organic reactions. Most of the QAHs are soluble in almost all organic solvents. Many of them can be used in anhydrous conditions and even upon decomposition; they do not leave any residual matter in the product. In fact the decomposition of QAHs leaves the volatile matter that can be easily removed under diminished pressure.

Few reactions where QAHs can be used are:
Polysiloxane and polycarbonate synthesis
Ester hydrolysis
Isomerisation reactions
Epoxidation of a, ß-unsaturated ketones
Ketonic polymers
Aldol and Claisen Condensations
Catalytic alkynylition of aldehydes and ketones
The specialty salts such as tetrabutylammonium fluoride (TBAF) can be used in the cyclization reaction owing to its having nucleophilic character.

Under Product section, please refer Annexure-I for our range of products which we manufacture and supply and Annexure-II for milligram lab-scale to kilo lab-scale syntheses of specialty organic chemicals / fine chemicals including key drug intermediates. Annexure III contains a list of specialty chemicals which we developed recently.

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