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Our Products

  1. Quaternery ammonium, phosphonium salts hydroxides.
  2. Water and waste water treatment chemicals.
  3. Chemicals for large ship / oil rig maintenance.
  4. Oil field chemicals.
  5. Chemicals for engineering and automative industries.

Our Strength

  • Strong R&D / Technical Background. Acquired commercial knowledge.
  • All products are developed in-house.
  • Continual improvement in current products / processes.
  • Good knowledge and use of organic chemistry, technologies such as ion exchange resins, RO, ED in developing/manufacturing various products and processes.
  • Hands-on experience in special applications of ion exchange resin technology as well.
Welcome to DEMI Specialty Chemicals & Co.

Our business started with developing technology and manufacturing high-quality quaternary ammonium / phosphonium hydroxides for global market place, focusing on zeolite, pharma and epoxy coatings industries. With our vast experience in synthetic organic chemistry and international regulatory fields, we have recently developed and diversified into preparing specialty organic chemicals and specialty salts (e.g. TBAF, TBAA, TBPBr). Besides this, we developed various water and waste water treatment chemicals and supply them in domestic market. Recently we developed products which finds applications in ship maintenance and have been able to export them to various countries under our brand name CORAWAY®. Oil field chemicals such as oil line corrosion inhibitors, micro-biocides are also ready with us. We also have hands-on-experience on ion exchange resin technology for conventional and non-conventional applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
All our products are developed in-house and we also follow continual improvement in current products/processes based on market/customer feedback.


CORAWAY ® Brand Products
Recently developed products (which find applications in large ships/oil rigs as maintenance chemicals) viz. seawater corrosion inhibitor, potable water corrosion inhibitor (sold under the brand name CORAWAY®), Antimold agent (which kills and prevents further growth of mold) and have been exporting them to US, Singapore, Ghana, Malta, Malaysia etc.
Specialty salts such as TBAF, TBAA
TBAF (Tetrabutylammonioum fluoride) finds applications in desilylation reactions e.g. cleavage of TBDMS, TBDPS, TIPS etc.), cyclization reactions and is also used as a nucleophilic fluorinating agent. TBAA (Tetrabutylammonium acetate): Nucleophile for SN2 displacement of sulfonates and allylic halides; mild, soluble base for reduction of tosylhydrazones with catecholborane. Mildly base compound which can be used as an initiator for various polymerization reactions
e.g. PE/PP, curing catalyst for PU, some deoxygenation reactions etc.
Quaternary ammonium and phosphonium hydroxides
Some of the products (e.g. TBA-OH) are used in isomerization of Paspalic acid to Lysergic acid and in epoxidation, polysiloxane, polycarbonate reactions as well. They are also used as catalysts in zeolite synthesis such as ZSM-5, beta and in the synthesis of ketonic polymers and partial hydrolysis of diesters.
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