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Our Products

  Phase transfer catalyst
  Quaternary phosphonium
  Water & waste water treatment
  Oil field chemicals
  Chemicals for engineering and     automotive industries
  Industrial Biocides

Our Strength

Because of our strong R&D / Technical Background, we have also started work on contract R&D and manufacturing organic chemicals and pharma intermediates under GMP Control. We also have hands-on-experience in special applications of ion-exchange resin technology as well as RO & ED technology, right from lab scale to commercial scale.
Welcome to DEMI Specialty Chemicals & Co.

Our business started with developing technology and manufacturing high-quality quaternary ammonium / phosphonium hydroxides for global market place, focusing on zeolite, pharma and epoxy coatings industries. With our vast experience in synthetic organic chemistry and international regulatory fields, we have recently developed and diversified into preparing specialty organic chemicals/fine chemicals/active pharmaceuticals intermediates etc. We also have hands-on-experience on ion exchange resin technology for conventional and non-conventional applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Company Expansion
Many of our products have been accepted globally, We are thinking of expanding our present production capacity. We are also going for ISO: 9001 shortly, Our further plans are to go for FDA approved production facility .
Specialty salt such as TBAF
TBAF finds applications in desilylation, cyclization, reactions and is also used as a nucleophilic fluorinating agent.
Quaternary ammonium & phosphonium hydroxides
These products are used in isomerization, epoxidation, polysiloxane, polycarbonate reactions. They are also used as catalyst in zeolite synthesis.
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